An exhibition devoted to two leading figures in contemporary photography, whose work revolutionized the field in the latter half of the 20th century. Divided into two large galleries, the exhibition compares and contrasts the styles of both artists through a selection of 34 photos –most of them large-scale–, from the collection of Oslo's Astrup Fearnley Museum, which, since its founding in 1993, has focused on assembling a vast range of output by leading figures in international contemporary art.

The show will include the most representative series in the careers of each artist, from the late '70s to the present day: for Richard Prince, this means Cowboys and Spiritual America –with Brooke Shields–, for Cindy Sherman, the famous self-portraits of Untitled Film Still[s] and History Portraits.

Cindy Sherman and Richard Prince came out of the movement known as the Pictures Generation, which took shape in the New York scene of the mid-1970s, among artists working with the idea of appropriation of images from popular culture and the mass media. Key figures in the movement, Sherman and Prince are masters of social critique and of transformation in the medium of photography.