Malba opens its 2018 season with Sara Facio. Perón, the first exhibition of photographs by artist Sara Facio (San Isidro,1932) on Juan Domingo Perón in the period from 1972 to 1974. This body of work is a historical-documentary essay on the political events that took place around Peronism in Argentina as captured from the unique perspective of Sara Facio, a major figure in twentieth-century Argentine photography.

Curated by Ataúlfo Peréz Aznar, the exhibition features a set of some ninety photographs—most of them never before exhibited—selected in conjunction with the artist herself. The body of work encompasses the 591 days between November 17, 1972—the day Perón returned to Argentina from exile in Madrid—to July 1,1974—the day he died.

Pérez Aznar, the exhibition’s curator, explains, “When, in 2012, I started editing an anthology of [Facio’s] work published by Ediciones Larivière, I delved into all of the artist’s archives to get a sense of what she had produced over the course of her lifetime. I decided to focus on the material that, though lesser known was, in my opinion, most representative of her oeuvre: the Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires images and the images of Peronism, which I found deeply interesting.” “This material is key to the history of photography, but—more importantly—it forms part of the country’s collective memory,” he adds

The exhibition brings to a close the program housed in the Silvia N. Braier Gallery (gallery 3) geared to providing the production of Latin American women artists with due recognition and to formulating new visions of their work. Monographic exhibitions of artists Annemarie Heinrich, Teresa Burga, Claudia Andujar, Alicia Penalba, and Mirtha Dermisache have been held since the launching of the program in 2015.