The ongoing exhibition at the Centre for Creativity premises in Maribor aims to present examples of good practices by Slovenian designers and companies in the Cultural and Creative Industries.

We facilitate the development of products and services that serve to epitomize the principles of the Centre for Creativity, which combines creativity with a business vision. The exhibition showcases products that were designed by Slovenian designers and, for the most part, have also been manufactured in Slovenia. We wish to continue to add new innovative products to the exhibition and promote their development through the work of the Centre for Creativity.

Made in Slovenia is the name of the collection we are building to showcase good Slovenian design worldwide, a collection that will promote the principles of sustainability and forge collaborations between the creative and commercial sectors with a view to advancing social programs, developing innovative products and services, and building the visibility of Slovenian brands. The exhibition is also a step forward toward reaching the users of these products and represents a new opportunity for the creative work of Slovenian designers to find its way into Slovenian homes.