Department of Photography food holds an extensive collection about the history of Slovenian photography, which began to take shape in mid-1970s and today comprises around 12,000 original photographs and 20,000 negatives in different techniques. It represents more than 400 authors whose work mostly dates back to the period from 1930 to 1980. The collection comprises works of Milenko Pegan, Marjan Pfeifer Sr, Bogo Čerin, Oskar Karel Dolenc, Janko Andrej Jelnikar, Stojan Kerbler and Mitja Vidmar. Museum of Architecture and Design also keeps some of the oldest photographic works in Slovenia, dating back to 1850. In addition to that, there are also more than seventy old cameras, which were bought by the museum from Oskar Karl Dolenc.

Important members of the former Fotoklub Ljubljana are represented in the collection. There are also some objects of historical value, such as old cameras and other photographic equipment. An international art collection June, acquired by the museum through a donation by Stane Jagodič in 1996, should be specifically noted. It comprises photos of Slovenian and foreign artists, drawings and prints, and a small number of panel paintings and sculptures.

In the largest part, the collection was acquired by donations, only a smaller number of items were acquired by purchases. With selected specimens from the collection today we are able to present a major part of Slovenian photographic history.