The small (19 works) but appealing permanent exhibition of Gothic panel painting and sculpture corresponds to the fragments of Gothic architecture preserved at Pálffy Palace.

Three centuries (14th – 16th centuries) of creativity of our predecessors are documented through panel paintings, sculptures and reliefs, as they have been preserved in the collections of the City Gallery of Bratislava, without claiming to give a comprehensive overview of the development of Gothic art in Slovakia.

The permanent exhibition features the sculpture Madonna of Vajnory (about 1320), the oldest work of art in the collections of the gallery; the relief The Baptism of Christ from the 15th century, originally placed on the altar that once stood in St Martin´s Cathedral; and polychromed sculpture Madonna with a Child from the second half of the 15th century, which is an interesting example of the combination of two streams of Gothic sculpture. The sixteenth century is represented by a large panel painting Annunciation dated 1517, an example of the late Gothic painting.