This exhibition focuses on works by masters who significantly contributed to the development of Baroque art in Slovakia, as well as on works by artists closely related to Bratislava (Jozef Kurtz, Paul Troger, Franz Anton Palko, Franz Anton Maulbertsch, Andreas Johann Eglauer, Franz Xaver Messerschmidt, and Karl Georg Merville).

Eighteenth century art in Bratislava was influenced by the art of Vienna, the proximity of which facilitated the dissemination of artistic innovations of French and especially Italian Baroque artists. Major subjects addressed in this exhibition include religious scenes and portraits. Featuring almost a hundred works, the exhibition documents a specific stage in the development of art in Central Europe, as it has been preserved in the collection of the City Gallery of Bratislava.

The collection of prints in the first two exhibition halls on the first floor of Mirbach Palace constitutes the original wallpaper decoration. Considered a significant work of the18th century, the 290 copper engravings preserved in this assemblage form are unique to Slovakia. Apart from French works, there are also German, Dutch and Italian prints. The most significant cycle, created after the paintings by Peter Paul Rubens, glorifies the life and rule of the French queen, Maria Medici.