The work of Bouthayna Al-Muftah (b. 1987) interrogates stories and practices from Qatari cultural heritage by archiving collective memories and personal encounters using various artistic media including drawing, printmaking and installation.

Echoe​s is a prolongation of Al-Muftah’s ongoing research on the recollection of memories and stories that she documents as a continuous autobiography based on personal encounters and family stories.

In this artistic experiment, she distinctively reflects on the rapid social and cultural changes that have taken place in her surroundings in a short period of time. Al-Muftah utilizes the space to evoke shared local memories and question current local cultural practices visibly influenced by technology with an ever growing focus on individualism. In order to highlight this challenging topic the artist contextualizes the lyrical traditional game ‘tag ‘tag ‘tagya*’ and deconstructs its forms to redefine cultural narratives, offering a symbolic experience in a space in which the past and the present intersect.

The artistic process and methodology are prominently prioritized in this space. This is exaggerated by integrating different materials to the project, such as sound, wall mirrors and canvas floor, through which the artist interrogates the perception and the use of traditional collective stories in the context of the contemporary.