In 2006 Jeroen Wand made a chair from laminated paper as his graduation project. He created a strong material by stacking numerous layers of 160 gram paper - so strong you can sit on it. The ‘Paper Chair’ was purchased by Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen in 2008.

The vases you could see in the presentation, two of which were acquired in 2016, were also built up layer by layer, but with plaster. When a plaster shape is repeatedly immersed in a bath of liquid plaster, new layers adhere to the outside. Because the liquid plaster slowly hardens during this immersion process the layers become thicker and more random. This makes the appearance of the vase rough and unpredictable.

Wand’s most recent experiment concerned the lamination of wood and the question of how the legs of a table or a chair can be integrated into this gluing process. The 2016 ‘Laminated Table’ and ‘Sarentino Chair’ are the results of this experiment.