The National Museum of Korea presents a new exhibition on South American civilizations, “El Dorado, The Spirits, Gold and The Shaman”, six years after it held special exhibitions entitled “The Great Myth and Mystery of Peruvian Civilization INCA” in 2009 and “Maya 2012” in 2012. This exhibition is prepared by the Gold Museum of Colombia and the National Museum of Korea.

The word "El Dorado" means "the golden one" in Spanish. The term is related with a tribal chief of the Muisca native people of Colombia who covered himself with gold dust and went to Lake Guatavita in a raft for a tribal rite. The legend of El Dorado was finally revealed when the Muisca Raft was found in a cave nearby Pasca in 1969.

As the first exhibition that introduces Colombia to the Korean public, the exhibition consists of 322 treasures including luxurious golden ornaments and funerary urns of Colombian native people. The exhibition will surely renew our understanding on the spirit of Colombian natives, “the unity of human and nature” as well as the history and culture of Colombia.