This hall is arranged into sections under the themes: politics of the late Goryeo period, Buddhist art, introduction of Neo-Confucianism, and the emergence of Neo-Confucian elites.

The section on late-Goryeo politics displays relics that tell historical stories of military rule, Mongolian invasion, relocation of the capital, subsequent resistance by the special military unit Sambyeolcho against the Mongol invaders, Yuan-dynasty China’s interference, and King Gongmin’s reformist politics. In the section on Buddhist culture, the exhibit displays Buddhist statues, ritualistic tools, musical instruments used to convey Buddhist teachings, containers for holy relics and offerings, and guardian Buddha statues, as a reflection on Buddhist faith and the advanced Buddhist art of the Goryeo era.

The last section examines the introduction of Neo-Confucianism and the growth of a new generation of Neo-Confucian elites, and General Yi Seonggye’s aspiration to found a new dynasty. This section showcases portraits, a collection of writings, and the container for holy relics commissioned by General Yi Seonggye, offering a glimpse into the subject matter.