The National Museum of Korea has received approximately 28,000 cultural properties in the form of donations over the seventy years from its opening to 2016. This enormous volume of donations has contributed to enhancing the size, quality, and diversity of the Museum's collection. Donors’ passion for collecting and dedication to their country and society has made these donations possible.

The Individual Donations Gallery was established as a way to show appreciation for the donors and to share their contributions with the public. This gallery honors Kang Bong Koo, Kim Yong-ki, Kim Hong ki, Kim Hee-jin, Namkoong Ryun, Baek Jeong-yang, Byun Jong-ha, Suh Sang-ho, Shin Yeong-su, Sohn Kee-chung, Song Sung-moon, Yu Sang-ok, Chun Byung-ok, Fujii Yae, and Fujii Gei and displays the cultural properties they have made available.

The items exhibited include earthenware, bronzeware, porcelain, wooden furniture, metal works, and paintings. Many designated cultural properties, including National Treasure No. 145 Portable Furnace with Beast Face Design donated by Mr. Namkoong Ryun (1916-2006) and Treasure No. 904 Bronze Helmet donated by Mr. Sohn Ki-chung (1912-2002), can be viewed in this gallery.