The Fundación Telefónica Space presents the exhibition entitled History of Telecommunications: the Technological Timeline of Telefónica, whose aim is to provide information on the evolution of telecommunications with a particular emphasis on telephony in Spain.

From telegrams to state-of-the-art mobile phones, the 50 pieces selected illustrate a journey through time and offer an overview of the birth of telecommunications, its early years and its progress through to the present day: a world of instantaneous, constant and global communication networks.

Rather than a nostalgic look back at the appliances and systems of yesteryear, the exhibition provides a demonstration of the quest for improvements and progress to achieve better and faster communications. It also reveals the incredible transformations that long-distance communications have engendered in society.

The selected pieces are displayed in chronological order in seven themed sections. The exhibition is supported by a wide array of audiovisual content and touchscreens with supplementary information on the items, photos and games, as well as a series of albums recording the social history for each section. The exhibition starts off with a circular structure made up of 23 screens which allude metaphorically through images to the concept of communications and networks.

The journey ends with another huge touchscreen which illustrates a look at the past, present and future of telecommunications and includes interviews with people who worked in former trades, literary quotations, film excerpts and other material.