TJ Walsh explores the inner realm of the subconscious through abstract paintings. As he states: “This work focuses on depicting hidden conversations that course through the undercurrent of our minds, unconsciously giving form to who we are as human beings. I work fast, letting my emotion and intuition drive the painting.

It is through this process that I hope beauty reveals itself. For other artists, beauty is revealed through striving for technical perfection. These artists desire to make any sign of the human creator disappear. For me, the opposite is true. I want my hand to be very evident in the work for it’s the human experience, the struggle, the failures, the successes, which is most beautiful to me. The process of creating is an intimate practice. Art making is a meditative, reflective, physical, emotional and spiritual practice.

Creating something that comes out of ourselves, releasing part of us into the world to be experienced by others is something that many people in our culture do not experience. This intimate practice of pulling from within and connecting with the deepest parts of our beings is beautiful because it’s natural, pure and uninhibited. It’s being human on one of its most raw levels.”