Through the month of March, The InLiquid gallery presents The work of Allen Spencer & Deborah Imler (collaboratively known as Spencer & Imler) and the solo work of Stuart Lehrman in Running Leap. When paired together, the exuberantly chromatic paintings of Stuart Lehrman and the elegantly orchestrated photographic assemblages of Spencer & Imler, offer contrasting perspectives on depicting motion in static images.

Despite their differences in methodology, these process-based abstractions, this collection of artwork shimmers with light and movement. The speed of Lehrman’s swipes and sprays of paint seems to dance alongside Spencer & Imler’s deconstructed photographs, shifting between deceptively subtle and audaciously animated.

This is not a collection of artwork to admire quietly from a distant. Rather, the work of Stuart Lehrman, Allen Spencer, and Deborah Imler demand a reflection of its own dynamic spirit, or perhaps even a running leap.