Participating for a second year, InLiquid Art + Design will be part of the 2019 SPRING/BREAK Art Show in New York City. Curated by executive director Rachel Zimmerman, InLiquid’s installation is Lost in the Funhouse, a unique project space of five artists: Elyce Abrams, Annette Cords, Melissa Maddonni Haims (her second year at the fair), Jocelyn Gabrynowicz Hill and Christina Massey.

In this year’s response to Spring/Break’s theme Fact and Fiction, InLiquid is excited to present Lost in the Funhouse: a vibrant, eclectic and collaborative installation with work by 5 women using a combination of unexpected materials and imagery not typically described as “feminine”. The work resists such definitive language, where singular categorization would be neither fact or fiction.

Materials range from plastic army figurines and syringes to recycled beer cans, graffiti art and trophies. Connections of symbolism will be found from one work to another: Aluminum beer cans and syringes symbolic of addiction, dependency on vices, a common need for escape from reality and awards meant to symbolize strength, conquest and defeat. Each artist contemplates their environment and produces work that reflects their observations; inconsistencies, discrepancies and anxieties of false or impartial truths told and believed.