The exhibition is born of an intense personal experience that led the artist to question herself: as a singular identity, with her own body, and as a part of a whole.

Sara Bichão relates the panic she experienced in a volcanic lake when, swimming alone, halfway across the crater, she realised she was right in the middle of it. At that moment, she felt disconnected from herself, and she was unable to find the coordinates that give the body sense – land was not to be seen in any direction – and she felt at risk of becoming a tiny particle, with no importance or memory, whose history would turn out to be impotent in the face of the greater force of dissolution of nature. From the centre of the crater, and therefore from the centre of the earth, an invisible force triggered in the artist the emotion expressed by the title.

Although essentially sculptural, this proposition is intimately linked to drawing: through the comprehension of the space she creates and the manual way in which she produces her works.