The Mart Collections include Trama [Weave], an environment work by Pietro Consagra that was featured at the 1972 Venice Biennale. The work is exhibited again for the first time in a layout design embodying the plastic and spatial values that characterise the research of the artist, who since the 1950s has been engaged in a radical revisitation of the concept of sculpture.

Consagra conceives a work that, in order to be grasped in its entirety, must be traversed. The installation is composed of seven coloured wooden sculptures, arranged on a platform a short distance away from each other and behind the walls of a closed environment. Walking through this labyrinthine space, visitors encounter a second work: Un millimetro [A Millimeter], a stainless steel book positioned on a pedestal ̶ originally designed by Carlo Scarpa, proposed here in a simplified version ̶ that takes its name from its thickness.

Completing the display are some sculptures from the Sottilissime [Ultra-thins] series, with which Consagra renewed his investigation into the relationship between surface and environment, pushing matter toward its physical limits.

Exhibition in collaboration with Archivio Pietro Consagra.