Parlor Gallery presents: “By A Thousand Cuts” ….a visual feast of paper based art with an intense medium-driven focus.

Most artists have a primal drive to create physical things with their hands, and it’s manifestation is explored and celebrated in the art curated by Parlor Gallery for their latest group exhibit, “By A Thousand Cuts”.

The featured artists use the seemingly “simple” and often discarded material to create works that defy concepts of standard and traditional art making. To create and complete these works requires patience, stamina, physical pain and a sometimes a bit of OCD. New to the gallery is Jillian Salik, a New York-based artist who is currently “possessed “by the world of corrugated cardboards and creates intricate replicas of ornate frames often in large scale installations that challenge our perception of the otherwise low-brow material. Also exhibiting for the first time is artist, Chelsea Hynrick Browne, whose work is described as ‘obsessive detailed repetition’. Chelsea hand-cuts paper into unique intricate patterns over and over again until the layers form a larger abstract ‘painting’. What begins as a precise form evolves into something interpretive, elusive and beautiful.

The work of artist Julia Ibbini, consigned through and discovered at Jonathan Levine Projects in Jersey City, is pure paper magic. Ibbini’s current practice involves translating complex drawings into layered laser cut paper pieces and an entire work takes many weeks with up to 60 layers in a single piece.

This paper based exhibit also features some local favorites, Matt Crabe and gallery re-curring superstar, James Vance “By A Thousand Cuts” opens, Saturday, March 24th and the reception is from 7-11 pm (free & open to the public.) The other artists featured are: Jillian Salik, Matt Crabe, Chelsea Hrynick Browne, Emerson Cooper, Marcel Lisboa, Caryn Ann Bendrick, Bill Barminski, Neil Powell, James Vance and Julia Ibbini.