Parlor Gallery is pleased to announce their long anticipated group exhibition “Bloom”, featuring a diverse selection of both established and emerging artists, primarily working in oils.

New to the gallery’s curation is artist, Jared Flaming, a young,original and dynamic New Yorker. In his work, recognizable art historical touchstones mingle with nondescript kitsch motifs and his oversized wet paint strokes are deceptively rendered in a flat illusionistic manner that plays with perceptions of origins and authenticity. Also new to the gallery’s roster is Martin Landau. His work is a sublime counterpart to Flaming’s. His purposeful, simple portraits of the everyday remind us of the simple beauty in the commonplace. Landau says of his work “ Most anything is worth contemplating, even a cardboard box. Art should concern itself with beauty, otherwise it’s research.”

In addition to these newcomers, Parlor Gallery is featuring the annual return of one of the gallery’s most sought after and appreciated artists, Victor Grasso, who has achieved a great deal of attention in the art world in the last few years. In a feature in Beautiful Bizarre Magazine, Jessica Rae elaborates on Grasso and his work ~“Like a valiant pirate who mischievously steals the vast wooden ship, Victor Grasso wittingly captures and seduces our wayward imagination with his grand naturalistic themes, majestic female muses, and dark realistic style”

The gallery will also be featuring work from: Inga Kimberly Brown, Robert Preston, James Doherty, Chris Guest, George Melton, Emily Thompson, Valerio D’Ospina as well as a small surprise collection of works consigned from Jonathan Levine Projects.