The Re Institute is pleased to present Terri Moore.

Terri Moore has been teaching art and design courses at Hotchkiss for the past 10 years and is currently Tremaine Gallery’s co-Director. Terri’s current Swarm Series is based on the cohesive gestural movement of birds in swarm formation. Studying flocks of birds, bees and bats, Terri interprets the flight patterns of a swarm in paintings, drawings and sculptural installations. Her pieces represent a collective movement that is imbued with a directional force creating a sculptural suspension. Installing work at the Re Institute has a special resonance for me.

As a child I spent time in this space when it was a hayloft of a working dairy farm. I would ride my horse to the farm and spend time in the space creating an environment that served as a “Secret Fort”; arranging hay bales to make rooms, sitting areas and shelves for myself as well as the litter of kitten that lived there. I spent many hours drawing, gazing out over the valley, and dreaming of how I would become an artist when I grew up. Now, coming full circle, I am not only installing work but creating site specific paintings and sculptural installations that are a reverberation of memory, experience, and gestural flight.

My current body of work is based on swarms of birds. There is a particular moment when a flock swarms acting cohesively as a single unit of gestural movement. This moment in time is what I am interpretatively creating in drawings, paintings and installations. My study of swarms has led me to observe a variety of bird species, including Starlings that create Murmurations; a ballet of millions of birds visually morphing into shapes in flight. This experience has inspired me to create a series of paintings and actual swarm installations. The resulting visual is an interesting contrast to the ephemeral paintings that are imbued with motion portraying a sculptural dance suspended in mid air.