“A man’s gotta to know his limitations.” - Harry Callahan

I subscribe to the theory that less is more and to that end apply a few self-imposed restrictions on my work. My palette is limited by whatever comes my way plus black and white. I limit my images and work in series. I usually focus on a single repetitive image (in this case stairs) for the length of the entire series. The side view of stairs was an early memory that I drew as a child. The stairs may be a metaphor for the challenges of navigating through the world.

Losing all but peripheral vision has limited what I can do. The repetition of simple images and colors, which are self-imposed limitations, can be very liberating.

Joel Foster has exhibited widely with the Blind Artists Society, a web-based community of artists with visual impairment. His work has been exhibited at the Arts Center of the Capital Region, at the Albany Institute of History and Art, at the Strand Arts Center in Plattsburgh and at the Bausch + Lomb in Rochester. In 2014 he was the sole artist invited to be part of an exhibit connected with MoMa featuring a new design for the handicapped access symbol at the the Ludlow Studios in Soho (www.accessibleicon.org). He was a 2013 recipient of the Art In Trust grant from the Berkshire Taconic Foundation. Joel has exhibited twice at the Wassaic Project and currently lives and works in Wassaic, NY.