Reyes Projects is pleased to announce two new group exhibitions opening on Saturday, February 3, 2018. On the upper level of the gallery, At Large is an avant-garde, evolving show that includes new work from twelve Detroit-based artists. Soft Focus, guest curated by New York-based gallerist Ellie Rines, will transform the lower level of the gallery with an array of structural artifacts.

For At Large, Reyes Projects will reveal new work from twelve Detroit-based artists that have never before shown with the gallery. In turn, these artists have personally selected one artist outside of Detroit to put a work in the second iteration of the exhibition, which will open on March 23rd. The show seeks to showcase a dialogue between artists working locally and beyond. The artist-only curation of the second show—which collapses the porous nature of “art curator” and “art creator” — will seek to close the dialogue between making art and displaying it. Those that visit the gallery twice will have the opportunity to contrast a curator-curated show and an artist-curated show—and hopefully prove that in all cases, the root of the word “curator” is “care.” On display will be a cross-community conversation, between all levels of production.

For Soft Focus, Ellie Rines has tapped Alex Da Corte, Al Freeman, Nikita Gale, Mike Kelley, Ei Arakawa, and Amanda Ross-Ho. These six conceptual artists create unique soft structural works that are informed by their relationships to everyday objects and popular culture. Each speaks a radically different language of form, and the show aims to put these visual artifacts in dialogue — as a nod to the lifetimes that objects take on beyond the factory and artist’s studio.