On the lower level, viewers will encounter a group of five new paintings by New York–based artist Adrianne Rubenstein. Typical of her practice, these new works emit an intuitive and frenetic power.

Similar to Bryan, there is a subversive playfulness in her craft – the charge between texture and gesture is abstract, estranging the familiarity of her subjects. Her paintings call forth a natural state of being, blurring identifiable totems with complex backgrounds to reintroduce the viewer’s focus.

Adrianne Rubenstein earned her MFA from the San Francisco Institute of Art in 2011. Born in Canada, Rubenstein lives and works in New York City. In 2017 Ruberstein had a solo exhibiton at Fourteen30 Contemporary, Portland. She realized solo exhbitions in 2016 at The Pit, LA; White Columns, NY and Halsey McKay, East Hampton. Most recently Rubenstein curated a a large-scale group exhibition titled Geranium, at Stems Gallery in Brussels. Rubenstein is a director at artist driven Canada Gallery in New York City. She is currently co-organizing Canada’s booth at Nada Miami Beach, where she is also showing new paintings with LA’s The Pit and White Columns.