The number two in the title of the show, which will be on view at DSC Gallery from February 1, is not accidental. It refers to Dúbravský’s show last year which was exhibited in the respected Dittrich & Schelchtriem gallery in Berlin, where the talented Slovak presented his rooster theme for the first time. „It’s actually an upgrade. It is only now, working on this theme for a year that I am where I want to be with this subject. Only now, it is it.,“ he says about his new paintings which can be seen in Prague.

"I wanted a radical show, nothing like a landscape and there a nude. I have prepared aggressive cocks that fight. And to it such gentle self-portraits. The cock, in my view, is a masculine, narcissistic force that can be perceived to be almost negative. It has an ego that is applied everywhere - from the market to politics," explains Andrej Dúbravský. He began to flirt with the subject two years ago, when he first saw Cockfighting in the Philippines. He started to develop the idea just last year in Berlin. He even bought a cock for his house in Slovakia to study its movements and expressions, but eventually he was surprised by its tame behavior. That is why other than the expression of the ego, the motif of their temptation also appears within the paintings.

Despite the initial wariness from gallerist’s, that Dúbravský embarked on a motif that had not been typical for him as yet, the Berlin exhibition was a great success. Collectors appreciated the linking of the formalistic approach with the original approach of use of color. "I used to paint rather black and white or dark paintings before. That was my certainty. But now I decided for change – total romantic color in contrast with an aggressive theme. I focus on form and experiment with color. I very much observed Mark Rothko. But I feel that he would not use such a turquoise color comparable of ladies lingerie.” says the artist.

In spite of his young age he is considered an extraordinary and talented artist and already during school he was represented at the National Gallery of Slovakia. He gained greater international recognition for example on group exhibitions in New York and Germany, where he attracted both with his provocative themes and lively expressive style. “It is a pleasure to work with Andrej, his work is constantly evolving and transforming. In contrary to his previous exhibition, these works radiate with neon colors! For me, as a gallerist it is an achievement that Andrej will be exhibiting this year on two very prestigious international art fairs,” says gallery partner Petr Šec, whilst mentioning that after the “all-rooster exhibition” in Prague, where he presents lightness, sketch form and color, Dúbravský will exhibit at the international art fairs The Armory Show in New York and Art Cologne in Cologne.