Martin Krajc was born in 1984 in Prague. Between 2003 and 2009 Krajc studied at the Prague Academy of Fine Arts in the studio of Michael Rittstein and Vladimír Skrepl. He spent half a year studying at the Facultad de Bellas Artes de Universidad Complutense, where he was inspired by Spanish masters.

The author focuses primarily on the medium of painting and elaborates it in various forms.Martin Krajc is characterized by his extraordinarily relaxed expressive painting manuscript, which has become his signature sign already at school. A certain degree of simplicity combined with strong expression makes him one of the most remarkable contemporary young Czech expressionists. The motif of paintings, which varies in cycles, is the city, figures and animals in modernist interiors or from the last period of display of oversized figures inspired by aesthetics and imaging principles of contemporary advertising and artistic photography.

The membership in the art group Obr. has had a great significance for the author. As he presented his work as a part of traveling exhibition projects in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Germany.Martin Krajc also regularly exhibits solo and he is represented in important public and private collections of art.