David Reisman’s work explores the subconscious from two directions - using both dreams and free-form abstraction as sources of imagery. His recent dream drawings focus on the relationship between dreams and personal experience.

Sections from his dream journals can be seen in Foreign Objects (Hornbill Press, 2004) and will be published in Rick Veitch’s Rarebit Fiends (King Hell, 2018). David Reisman also writes about art and has been published in Frieze, Texte Zur Kunst, and other magazines. His work has been exhibited in New York, London and Los Angeles.

​Vito Desalvo has been living in Chicago since the later 1970’s. Many of the works in the exhibition were recently featured in the publication People In The Know. The work utilizes many of the current social euphemisms that are used both deliberately and unknowingly to answer a question ‘no’ while not saying that. Some of these pieces premiered in an installation at Dowling Walsh Gallery in Rockland, ME late last year. Others are new to this show. Vito Desalvo has been featured in his friend Stan Klein’s writing about everyday Chicago life. His work has been exhibited in the Chicago area and is most closely associated with Firecat Projects. This is his first New York showing.