Sara Kay Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of In The Studio: Process and Presentation, Victoria Manganiello from February 2, 2018. By recreating contemporary textile artist Victoria Manganiello's studio in the gallery, the artist's creative process is brought to life.

The experience unfolds with the display of a floor loom; instrumental to Manganiello’s process, every millimeter of the material used to form her paintings and installations passes through her fingers, each mark carefully considered, yet motivated by intuition. In addition, a collection of woven paintings, drawings, objects, books, and video will be on display.

Manganiello creates her paintings and installations by spinning, dying and weaving her own canvases, using materials including synthetic and natural dyes, cotton, silk and other mixed materials. The works seek to physically control and manipulate space. El Trifinio which was featured in the exhibition Function to Freedom and at the Queens Museum, demonstrates how Manganiello combines traditional and contemporary techniques, challenging our notion of the textile and bringing it into abstract sculptural form.

The artist will be offering a workshop at the gallery on February 10th and 24th. Participants will learn the basic principals of cloth weaving and look at a variety of materials and structures used in weaving. Victoria will discuss how this process is implemented into the production of her artwork, and registrants will have the opportunity to make a small woven artwork of their own.