Andra Norris Gallery is proud to announce Glow, a group show featuring new work from five established Bay Area artists whose work's subject is light: Gail chase Bien, Roger Jordan, Jane B. Grimm, Unai San Martin and John Wood.

Gail Chase Bien paints thinly layered oil on linen over extended periods (from months to years) to complete a single work of art. Taking cues from nature’s extraordinary visual offerings — specifically, the play of light as it touches upon water and earth — her nature-inspired works bridge realism and abstraction, and they convey a thin veneer of the of human spirit. Complex, rich, and slow in the making, the paintings, with their serene simplicity, are intended to be viewed and enjoyed over time.

Wood’s process begins with the drawing of a live model or a nature scene. By aggregating line work with broad passages of color, the composition becomes subsumed in expressive markings until the work alludes to the original idea symbolically, rather than through representation. The abstract and sensuously complex paintings are created with oil and graphite on paper that is mounted to a wood panel and varnished with cold wax.

Master printmaker Unai San Martin captures the wild nature of California's Bay Area with beautiful images that utilize the unique gravure process that bridges photography and etching / printmaking. From polishing a copper plate to pulling a print from the etching press, creating gravures demands mindfulness to be successful. The artist prefers this slow approach to image-making, and the deep satisfaction and thrill that comes from an exquisite result is, for him, the same today as it was when he pulled his first gravure decades ago.

Roger Jordan explores abstractions at the edge of the natural world through a body of work focused on clouds, water, reflections, and sand. New archival pigment prints focused on Yosemite’s ice ponds are on display, along with a series of handmade “sculptural” books that feature triptych images bound in silk. The books may be picked up and intimately experienced, and then displayed on their wall mounts in various ways. Media includes archival pigment prints, silk, and wood.

Pop Art pioneer Jane B. Grimm’s minimal and meditative sculptures and wall reliefs are comprised of ceramic, using a low fire method. New works take their inspiration from nature, including colors of the sea and sky. Grimm’s career began in the 1960s, when her freeform sculptural jewelry exploded onto the fashion scene in NYC. Her contemporary ceramic sculptures have premiered in galleries and museums.