Light became the space building material.

(James Turrell)

Häusler Contemporary Zürich is pleased to present for the first time James Turrell’s new light work «Elliptical Glass» along with historical projections from 1968. With these two groups of works that embrace fifty years of the artist’s oeuvre, it becomes clear how skillfull he uses light as a material to show vision itself.

James Turrell James Turrell (* 1943, Los Angeles, lives in Flagstaff, US) is considered one of the most important international artists of our time. His entire oeuvre is dedicated to dealing with natural and artificial light and its spatial manifestations. Like no other artist, he moves people from very different cultural backgrounds.

We are delighted to now present the latest and earliest results of James Turrell’s artistic approach in our gallery in Zurich with a spatial light work and projections.