Samuel Owen Gallery is pleased to present a curated selection of ‘The Souls’, a series of prints published by Paul Stolper and Other Criteria, including images of four butterflies, in 80 colourways, each an edition of fifteen.

Showing at the Samuel Owen Studio, the Souls are hung floor to ceiling as intended by Hirst and realized for the first time at Paul Stolper Gallery in London in 2010. Stated by Paul Stolper Gallery, Hirst explains he wanted to “fill the gallery with butterflies, an idea that I’ve had before. When I think of ‘The Souls’ I think of Judgement Day and Jacob’s Ladder. Many souls work better than one, so to hang them three high in the gallery and use all of the available space is a great way of doing it theologically.”

‘The Souls’ aspire to represent a visually appealing and dynamic subject with layers and tones unique and distinct as individuals. The butterfly embodies Hirst’s concern with the duality of beauty and ephemeral existence of life. A natural selection, butterflies explore such themes as faith and morality, a lasting subject of Hirst’s oeuvre, but none quite as beautiful and captivating as represented in ‘The Souls’.