Yossi Milo Gallery is pleased to present Dark Room, a group exhibition featuring works by a range of established and emerging artists. Light and darkness can be used to help structure visual and symbolic perceptions in artwork across media, but through its fundamental relationship to light, photo-based art has proved particularly suitable for exploring such terrain.

Through examinations of two-dimensionality and geometric form that question the limits of the medium, Dark Room is a focused exhibition surveying the uses of darkness in contemporary photography. The exhibited works feature darkness as a central graphic or conceptual element, exploring the way it functions and suggesting how darkness has allowed artists a degree of creative play. Motifs and uses of darkness reoccur and transform as they move from one work to another. Lines build up to form planes that suggest volume or a distant horizon before disintegrating back into lines. In the exhibition, there are experimental works manipulated by hand; traditional hand-printed darkroom photographs; photo-based mixed media works; and geometric abstractions made without resource to a camera.

The visual and conceptual affinities among the diverse range of photographic works is harnessed, at the same time as the various approaches sometimes overlap and impinge. Moreover, the exhibition invesitages how darkness interacts with other salient elements within each artist’s set of interests to achieve its many psychological and visual effects.

Dark Room includes work by Matthew Brandt, Marco Breuer, Ben Cauchi, Mark Citret, Corey Escoto, Chuck Kelton, Chris McCaw and Alison Rossiter. The exhibition runs concurrently with David Goldes: Electricities, with a definite intention of contrasting the use of darkness across different media and artistic concerns.