On December 14th (Thursday) at 6 pm. at the gallery's "Meno parkas" (Rotušės a. 27, Kaunas) first floor exposition halls, was opened exhibition "Stillelven. Nature morte. Eleven stills" by gallery's artist Patricija Gilytė, especially because this internationally well-known author, living and working in Germany, is having her first solo show in her homeland.

With this exhibition returning to Kaunas where she started her art studies, Patricija Gilytė is also coming back to classic form of art – still life research. The special feature of the her works is the use of all possible traditional or innovative materials, technologies, experimenting and involving all kind of professionals – composers, video makers, photographers and others. She does anything to achieve the goal – precise and unique expression in the artwork for the idea she is exploring at that time.

Delving deeply into genre of still life, Patricija Gilytė joins techniques she practiced recent decade: video art and her innovative technique where she creates images from pixels (standard modules from various materials (sugar, polystyrene etc.) also plays with names and contradictions. Still life here is no more a traditional picture, but rather interaction of space, objects and stills. In Lithuanian “natiurmortas” is coming from French nature morte (unliving nature). English still life is directing towards stiff nature. And Dutch version stilleven could be interpreted as lasting life, silent and suspended. According to Patricija this is the way still life relates to video art, which also captures motion of life and suspends it stowing it to some media storage and with the help of technique possible to replay the dwell of movement.

This is ongoing project: as in previous ones, author reacts to surrounding space of geographical context with the site specific artworks.

Performativity is one more important feature of Patricija Gilytė creative process established as creative strategy since year 2000. Interaction with environment never stops, even when exhibition is prepared. During that time creativity transforms under influence of various conditions and limitations. Overmastered space is inseparable part of the artwork and creative process. Exhibitions become lasting events based on performativity.

In this exhibition You will see, hear or smell clocks, wax, candlesticks, fabric, carps and sugar carpets – 11 years accommodated in one artwork. Antiretrospective character of the exhibition will be illustrated with stories and comments.

Exhibition is part of the gallery's "Meno parkas" project "Kaunas LT".