The gallery Nicola von Senger is pleased to present the Armenian artist Armen Eloyan, in his first solo exhibition at the gallery.

Armen Eloyan’s physical appearance is one to be remembered. It brings to mind an Egyptian prince mixed with a Japanese Yakuza and an American gang member, who tattooed his affiliation and origin on his body. Eloyan’s body can be read as well. Numerous motives adorn it, some of which appear in his paintings too. As he was raised in the USSR, Eloyan’s work is influenced by the Russian melancholy, which dominated Russian art and literature.

Alongside several anthropomorphic figures, as we know them from comics and animated movies, comic-icons like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck appear in Eloyan's paintings. Some of the figures are reminiscent of Tex Avery's (Bugs Bunny, Droopy Dog et al) or Chuck Jones’ (Bugs Bunny, Road Runner & Wile E. Coyote et al) cartoons.

By depicting the figures in whimsical situations and by the way he paints them – tilted eyes, empty gaze, crooked smile, dismembered limbs; they seem deranged, melancholic, alcoholic – he takes away every pit of innocence from themand therefore puts our associations with such figures in contrast with what we see. An idealistic and childlike world and reality collide resulting in a picture that could be straight out of a delirious fever dream. The painted figures are as cute as they are scary. A mixture that gives them a peculiar charm und makes them appear adult and damaged.

By use of dark humour the artist confronts the beholder with oftentimes existential questions.

Eloyan layers the oil-based paint resulting in a dynamic piece of art, which is capable of breaking the canvas’ borders.