In the intimacy of his studio, Hendrik Vermeulen identified himself during the past two years with a new walk through his imaginary map. He visited several zones and made notes of the first impressions in some field books. This raw material of sketches and descriptions formed the base for his drawings, panels, sculptures and the recording of a performance. His new solo exhibition in Light Cube Gallery will lay emphasis on a mix of all these media as a temporary hole.

Hendrik Vermeulen (° 1965, Roeselare) is Belgian visual artist who lives and works in Asper. He studied monumental art at the Sint-Lucas Institute in Ghent, painting & 3D at the Sint-Lucas Institute in Brussels and monumental art and scenography at the Academy of Antwerp.

His work consists of drawings, panels, sculptures, work in situ, short films, performances and poems. The bearer of his work is the landscape as an universal scene of life and death.

The work of Vermeulen is represented in numerous public and private collections. He recently participated in group shows in Studio 1.1 in London and Catalyst Arts Gallery in Belfast.