Novado Gallery presents, “Edge”, a visual art exhibition featuring 14 artists from the New York and Jersey City area curated by Tom Banks.

Featured artist include: Tom Sanford, Sky Allen, Julia Powers, Michael Anderson, Tunji Dada, Elizabeth Gregory-Gruen, Gary Lichtenstein, Noah Becker, Caslon Bevington, Ben Keating, Kelly McComsey, Theda Sandiford and Amaya Gupide. Disciplines of Painting, Sculpture, Collage and Drawing will be explored by presenting formal and extremely technical work beside abstract and progressively contemporary work.

“Edge” artists can be described as Consummate Conceptualists, and while some are pushing boundaries and fresh and exciting ways, the others are naturally exemplifying the process of what it is to produce pleasing and thought provoking artwork. To understand “Edge” one must attend.