The Switch is proud to announce its upcoming group show, "audacious |ɔːˈdeɪʃəs|“ , showcasing 5 European Artists: Aires de Gameiro, Anzhelika Ishkova, Hugo Cantegrel, Lizzie Joyce Pearl and Skoya Assemat-Tessandier.

Interesting times. Times where they blur the boundaries. There’s no limit. For them. No segmentation. This group of Dreamers, outliers, outcasts are moving forward without regards for the Art world’s hierarchy nor the status quo. These Artists, creators, messengers, alchemists, are part of this new breed. Not writers. Not painters. Not sculptors. Not poets. Not thinkers nor forces of nature. Not travelers. But all of the above. Because they know IT.

Aires de Gamerio (b. 1989, Lisbon) The expressive weight of Aires de Gameiro’s art is carried by apprehending sensory experiences of spatial domains. Born in 1989, Lisbon, Aires de Gameiro meticulously experienced crafting techniques since an early age. Raised in a carpentry household introduced him to capture accurate perceptions of matter and forms. Aires de Gameiro graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon and studied Painting at the Fine Arts Academy of Venice (Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia). His works muster pictorial and sculptural expressions, tensioning the perception of reality.

Anzhelika Ishkova (b. 1982, Ulan-Ude) Born is Russia, Anzhelika has been living in Portugal since 2001. In 2010, she attended an introduction to Photography at the Portuguese Association of Photographic Arts (APAF), as well as an Architecture Photography course at the Portuguese Photography Institute (IPF). In 2011 Anzhelika enrolled in AR.CO Lisbon, Art center & visual communication, where she participated in two notable group exhibitions. In 2015, she held a solo show at House Museum Medeiros & Almeida and in 2016 graduated from her Photography studies at AR.CO Lisbon.

Hugo Cantegrel (b. 1991, Paris) his practice is built from an autobiographical narrative. He works with installation which main concern to him is about composition. He is looking for a certain visual musicality, a poetry, a theatricality in the installation. Hugo’s work is strongly influenced by the Nouveau Roman. As in “Les Choses” by Georges Perec, everyday life objects become the main characters of multiple narrations. He likes to keep his work unshut. It is to say that he is looking for different layers of understanding, a certain idea of universality, a mass of references, a call for memories, an interweaving of narratives that each viewer is able to create. Hugo Cantegrel is a french artist. He studied in Paris and London. After graduating from Central Saint Martins school in 2015, he moved to Lisbon where he now lives and works.

Lizzie Joyce Pearl (b. 1988, Geneva) Her work is a metaphor to her life: born in 1988 in Geneva and of French-Portuguese origins, Lizzie Joyce Pearl spent her childhood and teenage years roaming from one place to another. In all her pictorial expressions, Lizzie uses a single and unique line, as an intimate reminder of her constant departures with no permanent arrivals. Similar to her path through life, she created along the way her own symbology: what can seem as an abstract form for one’s perspective, is for the artist an intricate and symbiotic discourse between her conscious and unconscious. For Lizzie, these lines are signs of a psychological cartography, like personal coordinates, recreating the labyrinths of her memory. Since her childhood, she became interested in Visual Arts, influenced by her grandfather, a painter himself. Lizzie studied fashion at ESMOD Lyon, where she dedicated herself to patterns and techniques of textile design, sharpening her vision of aesthetic experience and chromatic compositions. The fabric drawings are the essence of her domain, acting as fingerprints or a memorial calligraphy. Currently living in Lisbon, she has joined group shows in public and private spaces.

Skoya Assémat-Tessandier (b. 1986, Paris) Skoya Assemat-Tessandier’s practice can be best comprehended by the ever-present touch of alchemy. His work reflects states of subconsciousness, translated across multiple disciplines such as painting, photography and performance. Devoted into creating personal techniques, Skoya’s work embodies dreamscapes, reminiscent of these instants just below wakefulness.