If you look for long enough everything and anything effects everything else. Climate change, recipes, animal feed, real estate, building the perfect power desk, fluctuations in the cost of metal, and on, and on, and on, each weigh upon each other in an economy of objects. Morgan Canavan creates facsimiles of The Financial Times, a daily business newspaper with international readership.

His photographic collages are printed on folded stainless steel broadsheets. The indexes in these papers attempt to forecast upcoming economic trends, but here they background clippings that speculate on the tone of the moment. Change and innovation, we hedge, always occurs tomorrow. These sculptures lay low to the ground, appearing to be discarded or castoff - they are made out of yesterday’s news.

Morgan Canavan, b. 1989, has held two person and solo exhibitions with White Flag Library, Saint Louis, Hester, New York and Blood Gallery, Brooklyn. Canavan’s work has been included in group exhibitions with Potts, Alhambra; Kimberly Klark, Queens; Honor Fraser, Los Angeles; VI Dancer, Oakland; and Chin’s Push, Los Angeles. Canavan studied at the Malmö Art Academy, Yale Norfolk and holds a BFA from the Cooper Union, New York. Morgan Canavan lives and works in Los Angeles.