Vivid Memories of a Blurred Past presents a selection of works that explore performance and memory of who we are and who we once were. We are able to look both backwards into our memories and forward to the site of communal rites of passage.

The exhibition’s departure is the fantastically normal bodega, the corner store, the deli, as a place of convenience, of sustenance, of devotion, of memorial and tragedy when a member of the community leaves us. Both inside the densely packed aisles of Jumbo Honey Buns, Gatorade, fresh produce, batteries, Cup of Noodles, and CDs by local heroes and with the guys posted up out front, gathering, posturing, kvetching about sports, growing each day. It’s a sacred community space.

A place of shared economies, where necessities are given on credit; where neighbors care for neighbors. In a hectic world these small stores are a pause for human interaction. Ultimately, there is no space more reflective of the randomness of the city. Featuring work by David Onri Anderson, Brandon Donahue, John Edmonds, FRKO, Lucia Hierro, and Maya Stovall.