After two years and a half from the previous one, a new solo exhibition will host Alex Pinna as the absolute protagonist at the Galleria Punto Sull'Arte Gallery in Varese – Casbeno.

The artist of the silhouettes and tangled ropes will introduce his most recent artistic research. The focus of his study will again be mankind, whether on this occasion his attention seems to have widened from the soul (the spirit) to the body. Knockout is a tale of fights, defeats and paybacks, but especially it is an analysis of how sporting discipline can turn both body and soul into a single item, a single intention.

So here are the tiny and light dancers surrounding the poles. And the boxers, for whom the artist decided to abandon essential pattern for a more defined description, yet maintaining a stylised representation and the choice of depriving its figures of any facial feature. Since the boxer who is ready to attack, as well as the one seized before getting knocked out, could be any of us.

Within the exhibition, the classic rope sculptures, the bronzes, the drawings and a series of brand-new light boxes.