Anglim Gilbert Gallery is pleased to present Two ID’s, an exhibition of new works by Veronica DeJesus.

In a series of drawings, Veronica DeJesus examines the tension created by keeping a safe distance, questioning how we navigate space and how it informs our thoughts, feelings, responses and our ability to receive. Curious about the human need for privacy and how it can lead to isolation, DeJesus considers the barriers we build both internally and externally. As she reflects on how we make connections to people and to things, she draws each composition, loosely alluding to the necessity for movement. Further, her portraits serve as a method of understanding her own identity as well as a way to note her feelings. Ultimately, through her process and the resulting drawings, DeJesus strives to design plans that create spaces bringing people together to share creativity and a collective vision.

On October 25, Matrix 268 opens at the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive (BAMPFA), featuring over 200 portraits that mark each subjects’ passing. Over the course of twelve years as DeJesus worked on the series, her style changed from simple to complex, black and white to color. Each portrait includes details that characterize and humanize each person and reveal DeJesus’s thoughtful, caring method.

Veronica DeJesus is a visual artist raised in Miami, Los Angeles, and Oakland, and on the road (primarily Hwy 10). She has had solo shows in NYC’s Chelsea disctrict, Atlanta, and San Francisco, and her work has been featured in publications around the world. She has a BFA from San Francisco Art Institute and an MFA from UC Berkeley. Much of Veronica’s work reflects on loss and how it plays out over time.