C. Grimaldis Gallery is pleased to present Structures, an exhibition of new photography by Ben Marcin. This exhibition features work from the artist’s ongoing series of abstract grids that compartmentalize urban architecture into meditations on shape and form, pattern and geometry.

In the vein of the artist’s earlier photographic essays Last House Standing, The Camps and Out West, in which static snapshots of homesteads often stand as markers for larger forces at work in American culture, Structures evokes uncharacteristic emotional depth from the benign constructions which surround us. Expounding on Marcin’s characteristic documentary style in which multiple photographs work together to provide a composite narrative, these portraits hone in on an array of details, cataloguing the foundational matter of buildings into compositions that transcend the nature of their subjects.

Marcin foregrounds particular buildings that have shaped his experience as a photographer: auditoriums, parking lots, industrial parks, barely-lit stairwells in Ocean City condominiums. Five works are titled after museums; they are composed of close-up glimpses of ceilings, HVAC vents, corners and design features in institutions built to elevate art. Marcin turns the museum in on itself, creating art out of the buildings that surround it. These works archive feeling and order via area, place and color, bearing witness to the ways in which the structures we live among design our experiences of space and meaning.

Ben Marcin is a self-taught photographer who lives and works in Baltimore. He has exhibited nationwide in galleries and venues including the Baltimore Museum of Art, Delaware Art Museum, The Griffin Museum of Photography, The Center For Fine Art Photography (Ft. Collins, CO) and the Houston Center for Photography. Last House Standing and The Camps have received wide press both nationally and abroad (The Paris Review, iGnant, La Repubblica, Slate, Wired Magazine). Structures is the artist’s second solo exhibition at C. Grimaldis Gallery.