Barry Whistler Gallery continues the 2017 season with an exhibition of works by gallery artist Lorraine Tady.

For the past 25 years, Lorraine Tady's work has explored a process oriented conceptual abstraction using re-invention and re-assembly of her bank of invented imagery. The show includes paintings, drawings, and prints from her "Octagon Vibration Series." This series focuses on intuitive architectural spaces, digital explorations and continued arrays of interconnected parts. Excursions to northern New Mexico; Cape Cod, Massachusets; Paris, France; and the Westfjords, Iceland have influenced Tady's art. The artist states, "The work is map-like as an intuitive translation of experience in a place-- a type of spatial graph that is also structural."

Edward Tufte's "intense continuous time-series" reduction of data into a strong, specific graphic line (from The Visual Display of Quantitative Information, 1983) was eventually re-named "sparklines" in 2006. Sparklines as Tady's exhibition title is a tag for her own poetic translation of Tufte's "extreme compaction of process and experience" into a line.