Barry Whistler Gallery is pleased to present Ann Stautberg’s latest work in a solo exhibition.

Statutberg appropriately titled her show “Interlude” referring to the change in her life with the passing this year of Frank X. Tolbert II, her husband and partner in life for 47 years. Stautberg bravely looked within and found strength in her work via the foliage and plants at her home studio, and garden. The exhibition is comprised of six works of hand-painted oil on archival printed canvas.

Ann Stautberg studied painting and printmaking, adapting these tools to her photographs using photographic oils to hand color black and white photographs on paper. Today, Stautberg primarily uses a large format Japanese Mamiya camera for her latest images. Her earlier works were made with an old German Rolleiflex.

I’m really pleased to be working on canvas again and that had to do with lack of materials in the digital age. They stopped making so many of the beautiful silver papers in the large scale, and it took me a long time to figure out I could be doing what I love to do on canvas. I now have the negative scanned, then printed on canvas, then I work on it on a hard surface and then it is stretched.

(From an interview with the artist by Cammie Tipton, Assistant Curator, Public Art University of Houston.)

Stautberg works from her home saying it gives her a “sense of place”. Barry Whistler Gallery has represented her since 1986.