Since its origin, our earth has undergone a process of continual transformation. Continents drift away from one another and join together again before breaking away once more . . . The distribution of the earth’s landmasses has always brought about changes in the climate and sea level as well.

Fossilized remains of creatures from past epochs offer a vivid testimonial of the varied living conditions over the course of the millennia.

What did the earth look like at the time of the dinosaurs? When did the Alps rise up? By turning back the wheel of time, we can travel through the millennia at lightning speed. There are also plenty of exciting events to be found during the earth’s more recent history.

The ice ages have left clear traces in the landscape. The Mönchsberg mountain, for example, located right next to the Haus der Natur, consists of material that was deposited in a glacial lake around 300,000 years ago.