Meter-high foam on top of the Salzach? Oxcarts on the streets of Salzburg? Leafless forests and acid rain? This special exhibit shows how we humans have changed the face of Salzburg over the last 200 years. It tells of dramatic changes, but also success stories that demonstrate how problems can be overcome by taking action.

Because people acted decisively, the impending death of the forests could be averted, for example, and the badly contaminated rivers and lakes have become the pure bodies of water they are today. Examples of sustainable development, like the “Salzburg 2050” climate and energy strategy and “Salzachauen Nature Park” vision, can also motivate people to take action.

Drawing on varied stories and forms of portrayal, the exhibit conveys a great deal of information: about settlement and traffic, climate change and the energy revolution, forests, grasslands, rivers, and lakes – and with each topic of the exhibition it becomes clearer: whether our sources of sustenance and high quality of living will continue to survive in the future is in our own hands.