Discover the world as it looked millions of years ago: in the Dinosaur Hall you’ll find creatures who populated our earth countless millennia in the past. Throughout the entire Mesozoic Era, encompassing the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods, dinosaurs were THE dominant group of animals. Here you can view them as original fossils, high-quality original casts, and in the case of the Allosaurus, as a roaring mobile replica.

Also on display: the largest completely-extant skeleton of a Steneosaurus, original fossils of ichthyosaurs – one of the most valuable is the skeleton of a female with two embryos in her body about to be born – and the Mastodonsaurus, the largest amphibian of all time.

And of course nothing would be complete without the most popular dinosaur of them all: Tyrannosaurus rex, who can be seen as an original cast of one of three surviving skulls worldwide.