From its origin around 2300 meters above sea level to its mouth in the Inn River at about 340 meters above sea level, the Salzach River flows over 226 kilometers. In this exhibit, we can follow its course in a very short time – from the glacier-covered summits of the High Tauern to the lowlands of the Alpine foothills.

From the source to the mouth, the river is continually changing its appearance, features, and living environment: from a torrential mountain stream with its cold, oxygen-rich water, to the meandering Schotterfluss River in the wider valley and the warm and nutrient-rich floodplain waters in the lowlands.

Follow along as the Salzach winds its course! Travel through time with the flight simulator and discover the Salzach valley in our present era, the ice age, and 12 million years ago at the time the Alps first rose up. Explore the caves and ravines formed by this water before beeing carried away by the striking images in the Salzach Theater – taking us on another journey to the rich and varied world of this river with its unmistakable personality.