Colour is not an intrinsic property of matter but the result of the reflection or refraction of light by the objects that surround us. It is thus the result of the interaction between light and matter. Coloured glass absorbs certain wave- lengths of white light and then reflects a certain light spectrum, recreating in the viewer’s eye the colour chosen by the artist.

Chromatic celebrates colour through mudac’s contemporary glass collection by presenting a selection of pieces in attractive hues. The exhibits also reveal a rich array of shapes and techniques, as well as the work of well-known glass makers.

Inspired by the colour wheel of the Swiss painter and teacher Johannes Itten, the exhibition immerses visitors into a colourful sensory universe. Contrast, complementarity and primary colour, hot and cold, are some of the themes of this colourful exhibition.

Mind your eyes, colour ahead!

Artists: Jean Arp, Lubomir Artzt, Jacqueline Badord, Philip Baldwin & Monica Guggisberg, Thomas Blank, Sydney Cash, Bernard Citroën, Dan Dailey, Salvador Dali, Laura de Santillana, Jean-Pierre Demarchi, Pierre Dmitrienko, Jodoc Elmiger, Matteo Gonet, Claude Goutin, Milan Handl, Camille Jacobs, Valérie Jacquemet, Marian Karel, Stanislav Libensky & Jaroslava Brychtova, Harvey K. Littleton, Steven Michael Mccarroll, Barbara Nanning, Jr. Bretislav Novak, Yann Oulevay, Mark Peiser, Bruno Peinado, Gaetano Pesce, Tobias Rehberger, Maurice Ruche, Gernot Schluifer, Paul Seide, Denji Takeuchi, Vladimir Tom, Jozef Tomecko, Kunitaro Uchida, Tora Urup, Durk Valkema, Ales Vasicek, Frantisek Vizner, Claude Wetzsein, Jeff Zimmerman.