Red Arrow Gallery Presents an extended cinema piece and exhibition of new paintings by Tara Walters on Friday October 13th, 2017. I am listening marks her second exhibition with Red Arrow Gallery.

Tara Walters explores the Zen method of letting go and listening. In I am listening, Walters creates multidimensional paintings with a Jewish ceremonial candle. Using the Fresco method, she uses raw flame and burns smoke patterns into wet paint, which captures the smoke in raw form. Walters uses different color paints which correlate to psychological emotions. Letting go of thought and listening to what the paintings tell her, she is able to capture movement with the flames which resemble portals that allow the viewer to feel as if they are entering another world. Sometimes the viewer will experience pareidolia, the phenomenon in which the mind perceives a specific, often meaningful image in a random or ambiguous pattern. Pareidolia is often seen in Salvador Dali paintings in which he uses the same method of painting with fire. The cinema piece titled TIME, speaks to letting go of what we think we know. Walters’s pieces are about letting go of our opinions and listening to the hidden messages.

Tara Walters (b. Washington DC 1990) is an interdisciplinary artist whose work encompasses painting, dance, drawing, music, sculpture, and installation art. Focusing on an unusual technique known as Fumage, Walters applies fire as a medium to paint using the Fresco method. Walters earned her B.F.A. from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), just after attending SCAD’s residency (2016) program in Lacoste, France. She attended the Cloud Club residency (2012) directed by sculptor Lee Baron in Boston, MA, with musician Amanda Palmer and writer Neil Gaiman. Just before graduation (2016), Walters exhibited a collaboration with Stephen Knudsen at the Yale Divinity School (Hartford, CN). After graduation (2016), Walters showed at the Texas Contemporary Art Fair (Houston, TX) and shortly after at Miami Project (Miami, FL) during Art Basel. She has participated in exhibitions throughout Savannah, GA, Columbia, MD, and Boston, MA, and Internationally at various exhibitions in Lacoste, France, as well as solo exhibitions in Nashville, TN, at OZ Arts Nashville, Sauvage Gallery, and the Red Arrow Gallery. Walters lives and works in Nashville, Tennessee.