Recognize yourself in he and she who are not like you and me.

(Carlos Fuentes)

Mindy Solomon Gallery is pleased to present Visitors Green, the first solo exhibition by Korean American artist Jiha Moon in Miami.

“For my first Miami debut solo at Mindy Solomon Gallery, I am introducing my new project on Mylar surface, the Kudzu series along with my existing work on paper and ceramic sculptures. My Kudzu series is inspired by the kudzu plants that are widespread in the South, and have become a symbol of Southern nature, even though they were imported from Asia. I love this mysterious and powerful creature every time I see it and have always wanted to use it as an almost perfect metaphor for exuberant immigrant life in America. The color green represents not only vegetation but also the aspiration of immigrants’ lives (like green cards). The title came from my interpretation of immigrant contributions to America’s national identity. What makes a person “American”? Many of us came here as visitors but then we became part of the greater whole.

Throughout this exhibition (including paintings, works on paper, and ceramic works) I have examined my main interests and concerns regarding cultural misunderstanding, racial perception, and cultural appropriation/appreciation. I often use colors, patterns, text or materials as cultural signifiers and play with them in my work. I often twist, disguise, and camouflage those elements to blend in with the work and interact in unusual ways.”

Moon successfully articulates the artistic traditions of South Korea with her skillful application of painting, calligraphy, and ceramic. Playful and poignant, this work carefully examines the way we as newcomers navigate our place in a new home- finding joy and curiosity in the journey.